Juha Vainio

Juha Vainio


Game production, Leadership and Management professional

I am an experienced leader of people, teams, projects and products, with excellent technical skills and passion for game development. I have succesfully helmed several ground-breaking game productions and have proven track record of success in leadership of global multi-site teams through rough times and several large-scale changes. I am interested in leadership, management, games, software, VR, innovation, technology, user experience, project management, creativity, mobility...

CEO, Founder, Executive Producer / Epic Owl
12/2014 - present

Product Lead, EP, Senior Producer / Rovio
9/2012 - 12/2014

R&D Manager, Project Manager, Tech Lead / Nokia & Accenture
6/2005 - 6/2012

Senior SW Engineer / Teleca, Geracap, VDSL Systems, Stonesoft
5/2000 - 5/2005

Master of Science (Technology) / Helsinki University of Technology

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